A somewhat curated list of links to various topics in application security.

Presentations / Talks

@Jhaddix Talks About Defcon, Burp Suite, Hacking, Bug Bounties and How He Does Recon!Live Every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday on Twitch: Follow me on social media: Free $100 DigitalOcean Credit: https://m.d
Frans Rosén Keynote at BSides AhmedabadWatch Keynote from Frans Rosén delivered at BSides Ahmedabad 2019
OWASP Video Portal v0.003Welcome to the new OWASP.ORG. If you encounter issues please log them in the appropriate repo or here.
Introducing the OWASP Nettacker ProjectSam Stepanyan January 23, 2020
The security phoenix - from the ashes of DEV-OPS Appsec California 2020
Gibler - An Opinionated Guide to Scaling Your Company's Security