A somewhat curated list of links to various topics in application security.


Packet Capture, Injection, and Analysis with Gopacket
How To Code in Go eBook
A Concise Guide to the Latest Go Generics Draft Design
How to handle signals with Go to graceful shutdown HTTP server
Just found that golang has a gopher design guide.
An intro to Go for non-Go developers
Implementing Stack in Go
Unexpected Golang behaviors
Create versatile Microservices in Golang : part 1 of 10 part series
Exploring container package in Go (list, ring and heap)
Exploring container package in Go (list, ring and heap)
Basic Go GitHub repository template.
How do you browse large GO codebase
How to Write a CLI With “Just Enough” Architecture
Phil Wadler: Featherweight Go - YouTube
How to Write a Lexer in Go
Big File Uploader :- Upload big file by chunking the file using goroutines and channel
Learn Golang by building a fintech banking app - Lesson3: User registration
Source code for a severely over-engineered backend developer's personal website built with tview and websockets [issue help wanted!]
Writing a basic API mask using Go and GraphQL
Can someone help me understand Go Get?
HTTP Adaptive Streaming video player written in golang
Go RabbitMQ Beginners Tutorial
Digging deeper into the analysis of Go-code
Writing an API using Golang
Go and CPU Caches
Robust gRPC communication on Google Cloud Run (but not only!)
Diving into Go by building a CLI application
Vim as a Go IDE
Go interfaces, the tricky parts
Let's Create a Simple Load Balancer With Go
Security assessment techniques for Go projects
Beating C with 70 Lines of Go
Make resilient Go net/http servers using timeouts, deadlines and context cancellation
Asobiba - A Go playground in WebAssembly
The Zen of Go
Write your own Go static analysis tool
Golang’s Real-time GC in Theory and Practice
Hacking with Andrew and Brad:
Golang ASLR
50 Shades of Go: Traps, Gotchas, and Common Mistakes for New Golang Devs
Beginner's guide to networking w/ Golang?
Go: How Does defer Statement Work?
Go programming | Lobsters
Golang REST API With Mux #5 | Build an Inventory System, FAST!
A closer look at Golang type system
Getting Started With LDAP in Go
Why is Golang so popular for systems programming?
Go Patterns
Replacing net.DefaultResolver with a caching DNS over TLS/HTTPS resolver
Building Web Server with Go
Guardian Web Application Firewall
Git clone over gRPC using Go
Writing a SQL database from scratch in Go: 4. a database/sql driver
Go : firewall (applications and programming libraries)
Deploy golang app via aws lambda serverless in 10 minutes
Google Go Learning Cohort
The Go Programming Language Specification
An Introduction to Programming in Go
Revisiting HTTP Handlers
Is there a good GraphQL client for go?
How good is GoLang for REST API's vs Python
Golang cheat sheet for beginner
libdns - Universal DNS provider APIs for Go
Go Cheatsheet / repo
Building a REST API with Go Gin - Part 1
A (toy) web browser written from scratch entirely in golang
Go: Asynchronous Preemption
Go is a Pretty Average Language
My journey optimizing the Go compiler
A compiler for a small language into x86-64 assembly, written in Go
Ultimate Go study guide for beginning and mid-level software engineers
Understanding Golang and Goroutines
Architecting a Highly Scalable Golang API with Docker Swarm & Traefik
Building and Testing a REST API in GoLang using Gorilla Mux and MySQL
How to Dockerize your Go (golang) App
Making HTTP Requests in Golang
Reasons Why Golang is Better Than Other Programming Languages
The http.Handler wrapper technique in #golang UPDATED
Password Hash & Salt Using Golang
Building a Worker Pool in Golang
Best Golang Books
Golang and Docker for development and production
GraphQL with Golang: A Deep Dive From Basics To Advanced
Top Online Courses To Learn Go programming Language (Golang) For Beginners
Building Scalable Web Services in Golang
Top 10 Most Imported Golang Packages — Some Insights
A visual guide to Go Memory Allocator from scratch (Golang)